The Hans-Dieter Ahrens GmbH company was founded by Mr Hans-Dieter Ahrens in 1962 at the site in Witten.

At that time, the company operated as an intermediary broker, trading scrap metal exclusively by drop shipping.

It was not until 1988, when the company relocated to Witten, that the company itself began storing and treating secondary raw materials, primarily non-ferrous metals.

On 11 January 1993 the Purpur family took over the Hans-Dieter Ahrens GmbH company, with Mr Manfred Purpur and Mr Michael Purpur as managing directors.

In 2000 the company launched its quality management system at Witten pursuant to DIN ISO 9000 and simultaneously successfully implemented certification in accordance with the Waste Management Facility Order (EfbV).

Due to the increasing need for space, the company relocated operations to today’s premises in Schwelm on Ruhrstraße 68 at the beginning of 2001. Here, over an area of 11,000m2, work began with two halls and four cupola shears.

In 2008 Michael Purpur took over as managing partner after Manfred Purpur left the company for retirement.

In 2014 the company expanded its operating area by a further 12,000m2 with three additional hall spaces. Secondary raw materials, metals and alloys are now stored, treated and delivered to the global foundry and steelworks industry from an approximately 23,000m2 site.

H.-D. Ahrens Luftaufnahme

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Anja Wicknig
Contract Dept.

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H.-D. Ahrens GmbH
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